Why do American soldiers put "fishing nets" on their helmets

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During the Second World War, in order to protect the soldiers, all the major participating countries in the world equipped their soldiers with helmets. And all the helmets have been improved according to the country's special combat needs. For example, the German helmet has obvious ear protection; the Japanese helmet uses a fixed belt similar to the style of samurai armor; and the helmets of the British and American Allies have a "fishing net" on the outside of the helmet. What is the original reason for this?

In fact, it is not a fishing net, but a kind of camouflage helmet. After passing the test, the Americans found that adding a fishing net to the helmet of the front-line soldier can reduce the risk of exposing the target due to the reflection of the helmet surface and improve the chance of survival. This is the real purpose of adding a fishing net.

In the early days of World War II, the military of various countries in the European Union discovered this problem. The earliest helmets were invented by the French in World War I. It is no wonder that the French Adrian helmet and the German M1916 helmet were polished and polished as the standard. But the problem is that this thing reflects light on the battlefield and becomes the best "signal indicator" for the enemy. This will inevitably prevent soldiers from becoming live targets on the battlefield.

Another reason is that the early helmets of the US military mostly used composite steel. Although this kind of helmet has a certain protective effect, the specific heat capacity of metal things is low, and the temperature rises and drops quickly. Therefore, putting a layer of fishing net on the helmet can reduce the impact of high temperature or low temperature on soldiers. In addition, fishing nets can effectively mute the sound. In concealed operations, the helmet can easily make noise when it touches other things, and it is easy to expose oneself. After adding the fishing net, it can effectively reduce this situation.

With the improvement of the production level, a variety of caps have also appeared, camouflage, desert colors, and various customized colors can allow soldiers to increase their chances of survival in specific locations.

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