Several of the most popular melee weapons

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Several of the most popular melee weapons,such as  knives,expandable baton,stun gun,ects.Let me introduce some of the most commonly used self-defense products.

With the advancement of technology, living have become better and better,Self-defense products have also undergone a long evolution.

There are many self-defense products on the market today, such as knives,expandable baton,stun gun,ects.

Let me introduce some of the most commonly used self-defense products.

First is the expandable baton,expandable baton is a relatively common self-defense tool.It main use is to beat the enemy,its main use is to strike the enemy, due to the use way, the expandable baton is more popular with men.

Second is the stun gun and pepper spray,the stun gun and pepper spray are more popular with women relative to the expandable baton,because its small and convenient,same stun gun and pepper spray can be put in your pocket,and their role is no worse than other self-defense tools.


final is the knife,which can be said to be the most diverse weapon in all self-defense tool.Different kinds of knives have different functions, such as Japanese shurikens,Tachi, Chinese broad knives, and gamma knife. These are large props. The knives used for personal self-defense are much smaller, such as butterfly knives, folding knives, etc. These are commonly used personal self-defense items.

The introduction of weapons has almost come to an end, Ningbo pion police equipment Co.Ltd hope everyone can buy their own self-defense products.

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