What should I do if sprayed with a pepper spray?

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The active ingredient in the pepper spray is Capsaicin, which is used primarily as a self-defense tool and as a non-lethal weapon for law enforcement personnel. After being attacked by a pepper spray, the attacker would involuntarily close his eyes, have difficulty breathing, and temporarily lose mobility. According to some papers, pepper spray can make more than 90% of people give up the previous aggressive action. When the pepper spray touches the skin, it can cause tingling, burning pain, erythema and other symptoms. However, the main discomfort of pepper spray is concentrated on poor breathing and stimulation of the cornea.
Be sure to pay attention to the anti-wolf spray, do not spray, otherwise it will hurt the innocent, only in case of danger can be emergency. If you accidentally be sprayed with chili water, it can be said that it is very uncomfortable, especially if it is sprayed on your face or eyes, it will cough strongly, tears will not stop, and you will feel uncomfortable. But don't panic, the product is highly concentrated capsaicin, which is not harmful to the human body.
The person who is sprayed will immediately leave to find a ventilated place, and then you can wash it with 2% soda water. If there is no soda water, you can rinse it with hot water. Rinse with cold water can only relieve the pain slightly. At least a dozen More than a minute to stop, here are a few points to note in detail:
1. Don't use your hands to lick
The pepper spray is oil-based and can't be wiped out. It will only be wiped more and more evenly, making the fire more intense.
2, rinse with milk
Everyone knows that eating very spicy things can drink milk and dissolve the spicy. Similarly, washing with milk can slow down the tingling, find whole milk, and then spray on the face. If you can't find whole milk, any dairy product is fine. Soak the milk with a towel, or immerse your face in a bowl filled with milk.
3. Flush the eyes with saline
When the burning sensation of the eyes recedes, there will be a residue of the pepper spray, which is rinsed with normal saline. It is difficult for ordinary people to find such a thing in the first-aid cleaning mitigator.

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