The origin and development of bulletproof shields

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With the development of the times, the security of various countries has become more and more secure.As one of the security equipment, the bulletproof shield also played a great role.So what is the development of bulletproof shields?

The earliest shields of people were made of trees, and this shield is now also retained as a form of art or ornamental.

Later, the production of gunpowder was also used. The gun was also used as the main weapon on the battlefield. For the wooden shield that cannot block the gun, people invented a stronger metal shield, and its ballistic resistance depends on his thickness. However, this kind of shield has another fatal shortcoming that it is too bulky. Holding an overly bulky shield on the battlefield to fight is nothing more than death. So people have focused their attention on bulletproof materials. Currently, there are 3 Material: Aramid, PE, Steel. Compared with steel materials, aramid and PE materials are much lighter.

But the bulletproof material is not only these three, there is also a lighter, higher ballistic resistance material, that is, ceramic composite board, this bulletproof board is based on PE plus ceramic board, so it can be lighter and more Sturdy .

Some shields are not modified in material, but in appearance or function. The most representative is the wheeled shield. Due to the weight of the shield itself, the wheels can be pushed easily under the shield.

More and more shields appear in front of the public,but there is always a shield that is suitable for you, which needs to start from the needs.


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