Team Wendy EXFIL Tactical Helmet

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Following the OPS-CORE FAST Helmet and CRYE PRECISION AirFrame&trade, the Rails Helmet herringbone guide rail type outdoor anti-collision and bullet-proof helmet is booming, and now a new tactical helmet is born.

The name is EXFIL™ Helmet, which is similar in function to the previous two models. Rails are also designed on the left and right sides of the helmet. The front of the helmet is a common cuttlefish cover, and the helmet is attached with a sticky magic buckle.

EXFIL™ Helmet compares the differences and can install different accessories on the rail.

EXFIL™ Helmet is another kind of powerful and comfortable internal protection device, which is different from other helmets. As shown in the figure below, the degree of comfort and protection has been improved a lot.

Equipped with the latest third-generation Wilcox 3 Hole Shroud helmet dried cuttlefish NVG MOUNT, customized for EXFIL™ Helmet, of course, this cuttlefish cover accessory can also be used for OPS-CORE FAST Helmet and other tactical helmets.


EXFIL™ helmet features;
‧New generation of rigid plastic polymer material structure.
‧Boa adjustment system is integrated into the helmet liner to improve helmet stability and comfort.
‧Cam-Lock™ buckle is used on the helmet strap for easy and safe adjustment
‧The rail system on the left and right sides can be installed with other accessories, including MAGPUL MOE, or used for cameras, lighting and other equipment.
‧Suitable for existing tactical communication headsets with high versatility.
‧NVG MOUNT (Shroud) customized by Wilcox.
‧3 holes in the front of the helmet, reserved for other NVG MOUNT.
‧The elastic band on the front of the helmet can stabilize the night vision goggles.

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