The application and kind of stab-proof vest

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Stab-proof vest is also known as anti-knife vest, anti-blade clothing with functions for anti-knife cutting, anti-angled object scratching, wear resistance, anti-theft. When wearing a stab-proof vest, if it is worn or cut,scraped, smashed or scratched with a sharp knife (sharp edge, sharp object, etc.),stab-proof can protect the wearer from cuts, scratches and bruises. Public security, armed police, military, security, drivers, glass processing and other practitioners or the elderly are wearing under the danger of being cut.

stab-proof vest can be classified into 4 types as follows:

1.Hard stab-proof vest:The inside of the stab-resistant suit is a protective plate made of metal material, and the outer layer of the stab-proof vest is wrapped with a soft fabric. This kind of stab-resistant clothing has excellent stab resistance and rigidity, and can effectively resist the puncture energy of 24J. However, this kind of stab-proof vest have a large weight, poor comfort and not good moisture permeability.

2.Soft stab-proof vest:Sofet stab-proof vest is used to defend common sharps such as daggers,and Bulletproof board can be added.Soft stab-proof vest is made of ultra-high-strength ultra-high-density polyethylene chopped yarn and aramid chopped yarn blend.This kind of soft stab-proof vest has excellent properties such as high breaking strength and large modulus of elasticity.

3.Semi-flexible stab-proof vest:The vast majority of stab-proof vest currently wear by the police is this semi-flexible stab-proof vest.It not only has anti-stab function, but also effectively blocks the invasion of general explosives and fragments, and this kind of stab-proof vest also has the functions of waterproofing, acid and alkali resistance, UV protection, etc.

4.Liquid stab-proof vest:The material of this type of stab-proof vest is STF(Shear Thickening Fluid),STF is a type of solid-liquid mixture composed of hard nanoparticles and a dispersion medium, such as dispersing SiO2 nanoparticles in a polyethylene glycol solvent. As the stirring shear rate increases, the viscosity increases, reaching a certain level and even exhibiting the properties of solids.STF is the new type of stab-proof material and plays a huge role in the field of stab-proof materials.

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