Concept and structure of police anti-riot suit

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Police anti-riot suit is also known as an anti-riot armor suit. It can effectively resist the attack of sharp weapons, sticks and various non-explosive projectiles, and has a certain flame retardant clothing.

Riot clothing is a fighting costume that riot police must wear during the riot control process. The riot control and observation is a special police force that specifically suppresses riots. All the equipment of this riot polices are made of special materials. For example, anti-riot shields, anti-riot gloves, anti-riot helmets, anti-riot arm protection groups, and heavy-duty anti-riot suits commonly used in the anti-riot process.

This anti-riot suit is divided into tops and bottoms. The material of the clothes has a good fireproof function. There are plastics and foams inside the clothes that can absorb the merits. A good airtight and no gap design can be achieved. , But the activity is somewhat limited. Commonly used protective tools are sticks, which are used for arrests, with round shields or small square shields, and long sticks are usually used for strikes, but without shields. The riot gun fired non-lethal rubber bullets, which caused pain. There are also tear gas, tear gas, etc. These are the weapons used in the anti-riot process.

The police anti-riot suit is composed of front chest protection, back protection, shoulder protection, upper arm protection, arm protection (elbow) protection, thigh protection, calf protection (front, back, knee, instep), neck protection and other components. After the related parts are connected by velcro and movable buckle, two large parts are formed: upper body parts and lower limb parts. The small parts can be adjusted to suit people with different heights. The protective shape design of this anti-riot suit is fully calculated according to the size of each part of the Chinese human body, and finally determined, it appears comfortable and flexible when worn.

It is simple and convenient to wear, and has strong flexibility. After wearing, it will not restrict the free movement of both arms and the movements of the human body such as kneeling, jumping, squatting, running, pitching, and turning.

The anti-riot clothing has excellent appearance and reasonable connection structure design, without wrinkles, cracks, breakage, gaps, thread opening, missing needles, thread ends and other defects. The anti-riot clothing is resistant to high and low temperatures, and has strong impact resistance. The protective components reduce the impact energy of the impact and effectively protect the human body.

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