what‘s the anti-riot shield?

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Anti-riot shield are defensive equipment commonly used by modern police. Its specific structure includes a shield plate and a pallet. Shield plates are mostly convex arcs or arc-shaped rectangles. The supporting plate is fixedly connected to the back of the shield plate by a connector.

Anti-riot shields used by police can usually deal with low-level conflicts such as group riots and can effectively block the impact and sprint of bricks, stones, sticks, glass bottles and other objects. The riot shield used by the special police also generally has the functions of bulletproof, shockproof and anti-glare. Although the explosion shield looks transparent and fragile, it is actually very strong, tough and not easily broken, and can withstand the compression of small vehicles. It is stab-resistant when facing a knife holder; it can withstand short-range shooting of light weapons, and it also has a certain effect on the shock waves and shrapnel of grenades that explode at close range. During this process, the first team member usually holds a riot shield to provide cover for the next team member.

Anti-riot shields are usually made of lightweight materials such as polycarbonate, PC materials, and glass steel. Among them, the explosion-proof shield made of high-quality PC board material has higher transparency, lighter weight, and strong impact resistance.

Anti-riot shield have some general models as follows:

1.Arm shield:The shield has the characteristics of small size, light weight, comfortable wearing, not restricted by the site environment, and high protection safety factor. Conventional riot gear and large shields are bulky, inflexible and inconvenient in attack and defense, but arm shields do not have these disadvantages.

2.ESP shield:This model anti-riot shield, compared with ordinary shields, its unique curved biplane design effectively prevents danger from both sides, bringing more sound protection to users. In addition, the PC material has the characteristics of high transparency, light weight, strong protection ability, strong impact resistance, and ruggedness, which can effectively resist the attack of projectiles, sharp tax equipment and acid liquids.

3.French shield:The shield plate is divided into two layers-the inner layer is an arc shield plate with a low transparent bottom (the color can be produced according to requirements) to effectively cover the combat behavior of security law enforcement personnel; the outer layer has high transparency, strong impact resistance, and unique structure settings Adopting the upper, lower, and narrower arc-shaped design can effectively protect the personal safety of guard law enforcement personnel. In addition, the addition of the black frame plays an invaluable role in strengthening the shield.

4.HK shield:The shield is usually round, made of PC material, high transparency, small and flexible, easy to carry, and can effectively block the impact of throwing objects and sharp objects.

Every place has its own unique shield. I believe that with the development of technology, more and more better shields will appear in front of us.

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