some knowledge about 89 heavy machine gun

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Recently, some people discussed the firepower configuration of the 89-type 12.7mm heavy machine gun. It has been discussed for several days about the authenticity of its various data, the reasonableness of the data standards, etc., and it makes no sense. All of the above are the problems of the 89 heavy machine gun from the perspective of pure data theory. Now I talk about the 89 heavy machine gun and the army's light weapon firepower from the aspect of pure application practice. Of course, this is just my own opinion.

let's talk about the basics before say this gun. Mechanized infantry is not carry with this gun.they have infantry fighting vehicles.There is at least one 12.7mm gun in the infantry fighting vehicles. It is usually a 25/30mm cannon or even a 30-gun +100 automatic gun. They don't use it, and there is also no place to allow place 89 heavy machine gun. The true distribution of this thing is motorized infantry, mountain infantry (strictly speaking, mountain infantry is included in the motorized infantry), airborne troops and special soldiers, the latter two are equipped with vehicle platforms, the key is to say The first two.

The first thing to understand is that marching in a war is not finished with a gun, nor is it just a few things that run 5 kilometers. A soldier, complete equipment including combat load and live load, I calculated the weight of the equipment to be carried, the rifleman combat load is about 11 kg, the living load is about 13 kg, that is, the march load is about 25 kg, which is almost a the weight of the child.

The configuration of the 89 heavy machine gun in the Motorised Infantry is almost two pieces in each pair. It can be said that there is an absolute firepower advantage compared with the US military without a vehicle. The infantry company with this gun can win any opponent in the mountain combat environment.

89 firepower is very fierce,but for the infantry, the persistent is very poor. 89 ammunition box back frame can carry 3 bullet boxes, assuming that our soldiers only bring combat equipment,50 rounds machine guns bullets and bullets box weights nearly 8 kg, 3 bullet boxes plus back frame body plus The combat load is the weight of two children, but the three bullet boxes,150 bullets, can only continue to fight for very little time.

For a mature mountain conflict warfare system,89 is not the best equipment for infantry, it has a better place, that is, the chariot platform.


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