how to use all type of baton?

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use way of the all baton,such as expandable baton,mechanical baton

There are two popular batons on the market new, one is a expandable baton, and the other is a mechanical baton.

The general crowbar is used by holding the crowbar up, the club head is up, and then the arm is swiftly swaying downwards, while the wrist is pressed down. The swinging of the arm gives the crowbar a whole speed, and the action of pressing the wrist further strengthens the speed. When the handle moves down to the lowest point, the first two sections continue to move downward due to inertia, completing the stick. The faster the arm swings down and the pressure on the wrist, the stronger the lock.

The difference between a mechanical baton and a expandable baton is the way of close the baton,the way of close expandable baton is we can choose a hard place and hit it in the condition of vertical ground to reach the goal of close the baton.

The way of close mechanical baton will more easy than expandable baton,mechanical baton only needs to press the button at the end while closing the baton.

The baton is very lethal, so don't slam the vital parts of the body. It is strictly forbidden to slam the head! It is recommended to use the arm and the clavicle as the main part of the attack site, which can cause the opponent to lose combat power without causing fatal injury.

Note: Be careful when hitting the other's clavicle to prevent accidental injury to the neck.

As a tactical suppression weapon, the baton pursues a precise attack . The first section of the baton head and the following 5CM position is the most powerful part of the crowbar. Therefore, when practicing, you should practice the accuracy and accuracy of the sniper, avoiding the fatality and the fatality caused by the tension in actual combat. 

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