Models and use of anti-riot shields

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As one of the most commonly used equipment for riot police, riot shields play a very important role. Today let me talk about the types and use of anti-riot shields.

Anti-riot shields can be divided into square shields and round shields according to their shapes. If they are classified according to the method of use, they can also be divided into arm shields and handheld shields. The materials of anti-riot shields are mostly made of high-strength PC materials, because the transparency and hardness of this material are relatively high, which can provide users with a better field of vision and protection during use.

Among them, the more common anti-riot shields are French shields, Czech shields, etc., and the more special ones are anti-riot shields with electric shock.

Next is how to use the anti-riot shield.

1.When faced with danger, the first thought is how to protect yourself. At this time, grasp the shield with both hands, squat down, look forward, and do the guard posture. You can protect yourself as well as attack.

2.When a criminal stabs you with a dagger, you can quickly block it with a shield and block the dagger.

3.Attacking with a shield is a good choice, being able to attack and defend. Grasp the shield with both hands and stab the criminals' chests at a 45-degree angle from top to bottom to effectively subdue the criminals.


1. The arm strap must be fastened and the hand grip must be tightly used. Except for normal hand-holding and use; it is not allowed to throw, use as a cushion, step on, or place outdoors, so as not to reduce the service life.

2. Store bags in a ventilated and dry warehouse when not in use. Store in an upright arrangement to avoid damage or deformation of the shield, away from chemicals and corrosive substances.

3. One of the following situations should be stopped immediately: the product is loose, deformed, damaged and scratched, and the use period is exceeded.

Riot shields are an advantageous weapon when police officers are fighting with criminals. During the fight, they push each other and protect themselves. They can withstand ordinary bullets and knives, etc., which provides great protection for police officers. Went a lot of damage.

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