The most changeable style tactical vest-6094RB1 & 6094QRC

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London Bridge Trading.’s 6094 tactical vest can be called the most variant vest in the history of LBT. Since its launch in 2007, it has not stopped minor changes and changes. At SHOT Show 2017, LBT brought two more 6094 variants. The vests are 6094RB1 and 6094QRC

LBT-6094RB1, as the name suggests, is a version designed and developed in cooperation with Jason Falla, the founder of RedbackOne (RB1). A lot of new elements are added on the basis of 6094. For example, the vest has a grooved cushion similar to Blackhawk. , The purpose is to make the vest more comfortable and breathable.

the waist seal is changed to a mesh and webbing pattern similar to Velocity Systems SCARAB and equipped with a specially designed waist seal length adjustment mechanism, so that the waist seal adjustment method becomes like the ordinary 6094 There are differences. At the same time, a large area of Velcro is added to the front and back of the vest for sticking a morale stamp or identification stamp of personal preference.

LBT-6094QRC, QRC means Quad Release Carrier. The biggest feature is that the position of the shoulder strap and waist seal is added with a quick release device similar to FirstSpear Tubes, and the front flap and back refer to the LBX Tactical COSTA vest design, Quickly adjust and install according to the needs of the task. At the same time, accessories such as throat protector, shoulder protector and crotch protector can be installed, which greatly increases the protection of the 6094QRC vest.

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