Introduction of improved tactical gloves

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For Oakley's star product FACTORY PILOT® GLOVE w/ Leather Palm, most readers will not be unfamiliar with it. Due to the increasingly fierce competition, Oakley feels a lot of pressure on the development of new products, but because its focus is still on outdoor and sporting goods In the field, the emphasis on the military and police series is relatively low, but action is better than no action. Oakley's improved Factory Pilot® Glove is available.

Since the old model has received much attention from the military, Oakley has made certain improvements to it to better meet the requirements of the military, but there is almost no change in appearance.

As an "all-weather" glove, the first thing to deal with is the hot summer. The palm of the improved Factory Pilot is made of Pittards® breathable and wear-resistant material. This special material with strong comfort and durability is well received, regardless of the season. , Sweating palm is a problem that every soldier will encounter at any time. This fabric solves the discomfort caused by sweating very well.

The inner side of the wrist is fixed with a soft rubber buckle with nylon velcro. A higher fixed position can reduce the probability of hooking with the cuffs. After all, many tactical clothing now use velcro to tighten the cuffs.

Carbon fiber knuckle protective cover, matt treatment, this is also a way to distinguish counterfeit products on the market, fakes mostly use shiny plastic printed with carbon fiber patterns.

The biggest difference from the old model: The old model uses lambskin fabric, while the new model uses a specially treated four-way stretch and breathable fabric.

Black is suitable for law enforcement agencies or SOF units, gray-green is matched with the Army’s UCP camouflage, wolf brown is the traditional base color of the Marine Corps, of course, beige sheepskin styles are still sold, suitable for civilian use.

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