How to use the stun gun device correctly?

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With the popularity of self-defense stun gun, the number of people who buy stun gun has increased rapidly. For many people to contact the stun gun for the first time, most people is not very familiar with how to choose and use the stun gun. For this reason, I will popularize some self-defense skills for electric batons and hope to be useful to you.

First of all, we must understand that 99% of the stun gun on the market now have to be in contact with people to play a role in self-defense. It is not possible to dump people within a few meters. Therefore, when your personal safety is violated and you need to use an stun gun to strike the self-defense, you must remember to use the stun gun to touch the other body and then strike. Even if the other person has clothes and pants, you can repel the other person with the stun gun.

Secondly, when using an stun gun to strike a gangster, do not simply press the shock switch. A continuous stun gun should be taken, that is, when the stun gun strikes the other party, the switch of the stun gun should be held down until the other party unable Revolt.

Finally, which part of the human body is the easiest to subdue people? Many people may think of the head. In fact, the electric shock of the neck and the chest area are the easiest to subdue. Therefore, when you use electric batons to defensively defend yourself, try to shock the other's neck and chest parts when you have the opportun.

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