How to choose the mechanically expandable baton that suits you?

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Today Let's talk about the mechanical expandable baton, as you know, the expandable baton is self-defense tools, but How to choose the mechanically expandable baton that suits you?

First, the resistance expandable baton and mechanically expandable baton have much different, the main point is a close way, The way of the close mechanical baton will easier than expandable baton,mechanical baton only needs to press the button at the end while closing the baton.

Second, the weight for the mechanically expandable baton is an important point, the material for mechanically expandable baton have two types, one is high-stranger steel, other is 7075 Aviation Aluminum, the weight for two materials have a big difference, Aviation aluminum is lighter than steel, woven can choose the 7075 aviation aluminum mechanically expandable baton is better.Of course, the High-stranger steel mechanically expandable baton although heavier has a stronger strike.

The mechanically expandable baton can also be composite, such as the small tube is steel material,middle tube and handle is 7075aviation aluminum material,this not only ensures the impact force but also reduces the overall weight.

Which is better, the German EKA wheel lock structure mechanical stick and the Chinese GAS drum lock structure mechanical stick?

Compared with EKA, GSA is simple in structure, easy to disassemble and combine, and more compact; it uses a drum lock structure that is more reliable than EKA wheel lock (and is a patent developed by GAS itself).

But I have to say that EKA is the creator of telescopic batons. It has created the era of tactical batons. Our domestic brand GAS is a step forward on the basis of EKA. The blue is better than the blue. GAS is in the appearance of EKA Xia made his own core, and made a mechanical stick that is more stable, simpler, more people-friendly, and better quality than EKA.

As for carrying, it will not be cumbersome to carry in a trouser pocket or stick cover. But in order to be low-key, I still put it in the bag more secure.

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