Bulletproof life jacket for marine soldiers Introduction

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For soldiers, body armor is one of the indispensable equipment, which can protect important parts of the soldier's body from a fatal blow. The traditional bulletproof vests at sea need something to be combined to achieve the effect that can be used at sea, so there is a bulletproof life jacket.

For the bulletproof life jacket,the material for bulletproof plate must need PE material,Even if it is a silicon carbide bulletproof board with good ballistic performance, it will be 0.5~0.6 kg heavier than a PE board with a NIJ III grade. This weight is not suitable for combat at sea. The next step is Life jackets. At present, most of the life jackets we see are floating objects in the clothes. As a bulletproof life jacket, the most important point is that the speed of inflation is fast. Generally, an automatic inflation bottle is placed in the life jacket. When a person wears this kind of life jacket and falls into the water, the auto-inflated bottle instantly flushes CO2 into the air bag to achieve the function of the life jacket. When the person feels that the air bag is not enough, he can also use mouth blowing to automatically inflate.

This is such a design, which can save the lives of soldiers to a large extent when fighting at sea.

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