Bulletproof helmet for the German Federal Police Ninth Border Guard Group GSG 9

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Mention the world-famous German Federal Police Ninth Border Guard Team GSG9 Grenzschutzgruppe 9 der Bundespolizei, readers will not be unfamiliar. This powerhouse active in the field of international anti-terrorism has been established since the Munich massacre in September 1972. It has been dispatched more than 1500 times and successfully handled hundreds of various emergencies. Due to the particularity of GSG9, the probability of being exposed is very high. Low, there is not much outflow of information, we can only glimpse the leopard.

For GSG9 players, the unique helmet on their heads has become their classic symbol for many years. It is a pity that after 2000, GSG9 began to change to a new type of bulletproof helmet. The classic is not there, but it does not affect the timelessness of the classic. Let us appreciate the style of this classic helmet again.

The biggest feature of this helmet of GSG9 is the cloth camouflage helmet covered on the outside. I did not know what logic it was based on. These are basically counter-strikes wearing dark combat uniforms and equipment. Camouflage helmets, but this has become the biggest sign to recognize GSG9 in the future.

The prefabricated communication system interface at the back of the helmet, combined with appropriate communication equipment, allows the helmet to be equipped with a communication function without adding additional accessories

The suspension system in the helmet is a comfortable leather gondola structure, which can adjust the tightness appropriately.


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