Analysis of police equipment

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Individual Police Equipment refers to the basic personal equipment provided by the police in the course of their duties in order to improve the police's ability to perform duties and enforce law. Personal basic equipment includes police uniforms, multifunctional belts, batons, handcuffs, tear sprayers, bright flashlights, police multi-purpose tools, water bottles, first aid kits, cut-resistant gloves, firearms, interphones, police pass, anti-stab suits, law enforcement Recorder, etc.
In March 1667, King Louis XIV of France ordered the establishment of the world's first police agency in Paris. Under the leadership of "Police General", more than 1,000 people maintained law and order on the streets.
In the true sense of modern professional police, it is generally accepted that the London Metropolitan Police, which is now Scotland Yard, was founded in 1829 by Robert Homer, the British Home Secretary, and proposed the "Nine Policing Principles". Article, recruited the first batch of 3,000 police officers, replacing the traditional system of chaos, which only assumed the patrol, wait and see, and other functions of the traditional police.
Shortly after the establishment of the Metropolitan Police in 1829, the Metropolitan Police Regulations were promulgated, which formally stipulated the uniforms and police equipment of the London police, which gradually evolved into modern white shirts, black ties (women's scarves), and reflective jackets. Shirts, bulletproof vests, etc.
The Sam Brown belt is a combination of a wide leather belt and a narrow diagonal belt, which was first popular in the military. The diagonal strap is usually worn through the right shoulder, but the Canadian Mounted Police wears the left shoulder.
In the 1950s, the US police began using the Sam Brown belt, which was the predecessor of the multi-belt style single police equipment.
In 1994, the United Kingdom began to unify the country's clothing, and for the first time established the multi-functional belt-type single police equipment (The Police Duty Belt). It is one of the earliest countries in the world to adopt belt-type single police equipment. It was originally put in a backpack or modified. The police equipment inside the bag was changed to hang on the waist, effectively releasing the police's hands and making them more mobile.
The single police equipment mainly includes: police uniforms, multifunctional belts, weapon ammunition, handcuffs, handheld tables, batons, handheld defense equipment, such as pepper water and tear sprayers, electric shockers, strong flashlights, batteries, cut-resistant gloves, pens , Key, multi-function tool, window breaker, police pass, first aid kit, water bottle, law enforcement recorder, etc. Different countries are equipped with different equipment, and there are differences in different regions of the same country. For example, the places where the weather is extremely cold are not suitable for pepper water; the configuration of single police equipment also needs to be based on factors such as regional security features, funding levels, and personal preferences. select.
Among them, police uniforms, multi-function belts, handcuffs, batons, tear sprayers, strong flashlights, cut-resistant gloves, multi-function knives, kettles, and first-aid kits are necessary items. They are commonly referred to as eight pieces of duty equipment. Attach the equipment belt, and attach eight essential items on the equipment belt.
With the development of the times and changes in police work, police equipment has been developed from the simple protection to the combination of high technology and humanization. At the same time, humanity is also fully considered to ensure that police officers on duty can be reasonably obtained in complex working environments Assistance of individual police equipment.
And the future single police equipment is also developing in the direction of miniaturization, light weight, multi-purpose, multi-function, modular and intelligent.
Single police equipment is constantly being developed. New equipment such as non-lethal riot pistols and strong flashing lights that can make people temporarily blind can become law enforcement tools in the future. This is of great significance for improving the combat effectiveness and personal protection capabilities of the police force, and for further promoting the regularization and modernization of the police force.

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