America 60's-70's tank helmet

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After World War II, the US M1938 tank crew protective helmet was still the first choice for armored soldiers. Underwent two improvements during the 1950s, one was the addition of a new H-62U headset on the basis of the original helmet, and the second was a special.

After World War II, the US M1938 tank crew protective helmet was still the first choice for armored soldiers. During the 1950s, there were two improvements, one was to add a new H-62U headset to the original helmet, and the second was to produce a batch of simplified M1938 helmets. However, these two improvements can only solve the temporary needs, so a new member helmet came out.

The helmet is almost a perfect circle, with M138G microphone and controller attached to the left. For this helmet, one is the MQ1 helmet, and the other is simply called "Vietnam era TANKER HELMET." If you know this helmet, please come out and explain it.

The American tank helmet's emphasis on protection design is in Israel's mind, because Israel is most afraid of consuming soldiers, such as tank soldiers who pay attention to professional skills, teamwork, and combat effectiveness to generate non-stop military services.

Although the M38 leather helmet worn by the Israeli tank soldiers is the same as the US military, it has been changed to the olive green coating of the US military. The helmet body color is grayish yellow and the edging is brown. It has a typical desert camouflage style and a Hebrew logo.

From the 1980s to the present, Israel’s borders for actual control have basically been laid, with fewer major battles and fewer small battles. Towns have become the main battlefield of the Israeli armored forces. The cold guns and cold artillery have made the Israeli army invincible. The changes in the battlefield environment and combat opponents have directly led to the transformation of the R&D and combat style of Israeli military equipment. Towers, D9 armored bulldozers, etc. are a series of unique global weapons suitable for urban warfare. It is no exaggeration to say that the Israeli army is one of the best urban warfare masters after World War II. War test of various intensity.

Based on actual combat considerations, the Israeli army developed the MOR602 tank helmet on the basis of the American DH-132 tank helmet. To be precise, it inherited the design concept of the DH-132 modular combination and adopted the DH-132 suspension and communication system. , Redesign the bulletproof outer helmet helmet body. The outer sides of the outer helmet extend half to enclose the earphones. The helmet is parallel to the forehead of the rider along the front section and merges with the extended helmet body. It avoids the disadvantages of the DH-132 helmet body and the suspension connection. The tank driver was killed by a sniper through this life gate during wartime, or easily penetrated by flying shrapnel. It is called a "fortress" tank helmet, and its shape and function are similar to the fortress. When the Israeli tank driver wears the MOR602 helmet cat and probes his head in the chariot, the enemy will find it difficult to find the weak part of the sniping.

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