9 model Australia camouflage clothes

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Today, let us talk about Australia camouflage clothes, Australia have much camouflage clothes in history, such as South Vietnam Tigerstripe pattern(1966-1972), Purple DPM (1996), etc.

1.AMF black&green 2 color rain coat (1971)

2.DPCU broken mode 5 color camouflage clothing

3.Red Disruptive Camo Patterm(1997-1998)

4.color Desert pattern (DPDU MK2) (2002)

5. 5-color Desert pattern (DPDU MK3) (2003)

6.Comparison between MK2 (right) and MK3 (left)

7.DPNU (Disruptive Pattern Navy Uniform)(2008)

8.OPFOR DPCU training suit

9.Digital DPCU Digital DPCU Experimental Edition


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